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Floating Liquefaction (FLNG)

Golar LNG Limited is actively pursuing FLNG projects which fit with its financial objectives and best captures its technical capabilities. 

Golar LNG Limited's FLNG strategy focuses on the development of low capital cost, rapid deployment floating facilities utilising the conversion of high quality existing LNG carriers, floating technologies for the liquefaction of pipeline quality gas or associated gas (requiring minimal processing) and seek other innovative LNG solutions. This strategy complements Golar LNG Limited's industry leadership position in floating LNG regasification facilities development. 

In an era of intense competition in the LNG industry and the high cost and long lead time of land based LNG facilities, Golar LNG Limited believes highly cost efficient approaches based on floating LNG liquefaction, storage and offtake, shipping and regasification facilities of the types now being developed by the company will be key to substantial additional growth opportunities.